Dickyho 5M 36T / 40T flywheel pulleys on ebay

Sorry, about this. when I measureing for making drawings, I was not having a Caliber truck…, how big the bore shall be, if need to use a Caliber truck?

@dickyho, please do that :point_up_2: If you make it 24,5mm, they will fit. Usually the retainer ring fits caliber and TB trucks. So use the same diameter. But @Gromok, @lrdesigns please confirm this

Yes, 24.5mm will fit fine. This pulley is 22mm.

OK, will do that on next lot, I think that will be very soon, I am almost sold out my stock now.

I think there’s still plenty of room to make it with 25mm bore.

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That should be perfect.

this bore is 22mm, perfectly holding a bearing, so you could put a F608 bear inside the pulley before install on the wheel. that will solve this problem, and the pulley will more perfectly installed.

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For this you need longer axles :point_up_2: Could you extend the blue part 4/5mm and/or make the lip wider (red part)?

I understand, will put that on next production. Thanks!

These won’t fit 218mm Torqueboard trucks will they?

Is there enough axle?

of cause not enough, the bearing is 7mm thick, so need to turning 7mm for the truck

They fit over the Caliber2 hangers with a tiny bit of filing.

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OMG no!! The 22mm center is the part I like the best because it fits skate bearings exactly


I’m interested in how big a wheel and what size belt you run in order to be able to fill the hole with a bearing and not run out of axle



either an 8mm “608” skate bearing or a 10mm “6900Z” bearing depending on the axle

Supercarve GT trucks or Torqueboards 218mm trucks, depending if you want double kingpin or reverse kingpin for that board

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Very succinct, thanks, wondering the same setup but with calibers. I like the idea of a skate bearing there too

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Calibers have an axle that’s too short – but this pulley will fit over the hanger (without a bearing though) if you file down two corners of the hanger a little bit

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You should add these details to your first post and ebay ad. It would make selling pulleys much easier and take out all of the guess work.

The bearing is an interesting feature to have. I’m not sure you should remove it. Unless there are bigger bearings that can still be used with a bigger bore.


@dickyho when will you get some more 15mm 40t Abec pulleys in stock?

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I’ve got a couple coming in if you want them. I was gonna use them in MBS wheels but ended up using them on my carvons instead

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