Dickyho mounts, 2x Dual Diyeboard 2.1 ESC and 2x5055 270Kv motors for sale [Norway]

I have previously posted about this, but came to the conclusion that shipping to Europe/US was to expensive for this low-tier stuff. (Flat rate of 30-40USD to Europe for example, I know it is ridiculous)

Therefore I want to post this to maybe sell to a fellow DIY ESK8-er in Norway (even though there are not that many of us yet). If you are interested in one of the following items, leave a reply :slight_smile:


  • Pair of Dickyho mounts for caliber trucks 25 USD Condition: New, never used only mounted on caliber trucks once.

<No picture, its litterally inside my current board, PM if interested>

  • 1x Diyeboard 2.1 ESC with controller and power button 40 USD Condition: Light usage, used approx 50 miles without any issue.


  • 1x Diyeboard 2.1 ESC with controller and power button (with bug issue) 20USD Condition: Barely used, can only be used in reverse mode but all speed modes works perfectly fine then.


  • 2x 5055 270Kv Outrunner motors from Diyeboard 30/10USD Condition: Light usage, approx 50 miles. One of the motors was dropped from approx 0.5 meters onto a floor during maintenance and has a slight rattle, no problems with the other one.

I have no high hopes to find any buyer for this, but found it worth posting as it would do more good beeing used by someone than collecting dust in my apartement.

Remark: If someone in Europe or the US would like to pay the high shipping price, I of course welcome you to do so.

Interesrted in the mounts. Got pics?

Updated the thread with some pictures, have a look :slight_smile:

O wait mb didn’t fully read the shipping was so expensive and I’m not from Norway, unfortunately. (Best road trip I ever did no close second :smiley: )

No worries mate :wink:

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