Dickyho mounts on TB 218 trucks

Hey guys.

I am looking to install dickyho mounts on TB 218 trucks.

I can’t get a fit just out of the box.

Looking for recommendations on best way to get them to fit.

I have used the. On caliber trucks with no issues.

I can spread the inner adapters enough to go on to the hanger. But the n the mounts itself won’t go on the adapter.

File the hanger down or file the clamp down till it fits

It’s good then.

Fit the rings on the trucks, use a rubber mallet or something soft to hammer the rings to position.

Then put the screw into the mount and fit a coin inbetween the mount and the screw. Tightening it will make the mount expand and you will put it on no problemo. :slight_smile:

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^ he got you with pictures. :smiley:


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Damn. Sorry about that. I searched but must not have used the right key words. This could not have been more specific to my question :joy:. And I had seen this post before…

yup, the coin method works. keep stretching the mount until it goes over the truck clamp. no filling or anything is necessary