Did Foc kill my flipsky 4.12?

Ive heard that Foc is a flipsky killer but how do I find out if this is whats wrong with mine? It still run and spins up my motor under no load and light load but once I punch it with me on the board, it cuts in and out and tries to launch me off. A dead start to full power feels like Im launching a sensorless motor from a stand still. And yes my motor detection and hall detection are all normal. Im running 2 4.12s on 10s with identical setups on the board and only my slave vesc is giving me the issues. Im only putting 30amps to each motor right now but have only ever put 40amps through the vescs max so I didnt think FOC would hurt anything since my power was no where near max continous. I re-configured everything after firmware update to BLDC and it didnt help anything.

if the same outcome is present, despite changing from FOC to BLDC mode, you already have your answer.

must be something else going on with your setup, could be loose wires…

please share a photo of the install.


get one of these instead of a flipsky in the future


@onloop I’ll try to get a photo later. I think I’m also going to plug my reciever into the current slave vesc just to bypass CANbus and make sure nothing’s wrong there… I do have the can bus connectors soldered on the pins and hot glue surrounding everything since the can bus wires were stressed and kept breaking under vibration.