Did I burn out my motor?

I have a Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-213kv Motor running on an 8s lipo. I weigh 265+ lbs. I was doing a speed test down the street, full throttle. I got to full speed at around 25 mph. I hit the brakes abruptly as to not ride into traffic. As I came to a long and screeching halt, I noticed a horrible smell and saw my motor was smoking. I went to go ride it back manually, but the motor is locked up. Did I burn out my motor? My guess is yes.

I think your guess would be correct.

was the smoke coming directly from the motor? if so then you have probably melted some of the windings together shorting out the motor.
Its possible that you could have done damage to the ESC as well.

Yep, directly from the motor. I haven’t even checked the esc yet.

What happens when you apply the brakes on an electric skateboard? Does the motor use it’s torque to slow you down resulting in an amp spike or am I completely wrong? If that’s the case, with my weight and that speed, I can see why it may have burned out the motor. I guess I can use this as an excuse to upgrade to a dual r-spec 2.0 setup. :laughing:

What esc are you using?

Turnigy Trackstar 1/5th Scale Sensorless 200amp 8s Opto Car ESC

Looks like I did damage the esc as well…awesome.

I have a damaged trackstar on my bench right now too.

Yeah your gear is probably completely fried! Motors can overheat and short out internally… BUT

This is more likely a problem caused by the motor controller… This hobby stuff was never designed for use on vehicles that carry humans… Invest in a VESC.

Which gear are you talking about, @onloop? The pulleys?

Maybe “gear” is the wrong word. I mean Your stuff that needs power to function.

Oh lol yep, that’s $200 down the drain.

this is why i harp on sooo much about the false economy. sometimes you are better off going with the expensive-custom-made stuff from the beginning…

…its not always guaranteed to save you money but it increases the chances of having a reliable build, it happened to me so much it wasn’t funny… hundreds of $$ down the drain on stuff that just wasn’t designed to work on an eboard… thats why i started making everything custom.

so let me be clear… the good stuff can blow up also!, but much less likely… also the cheap stuff can last for ever but more common to blow magic smoke.

I think it’s more along the lines of stressing out components more then anything.

If you would of went dual motor in the beginning and/or know if your setup feels stressed when riding.

Something will give eventually.

Add another motor on that and increase your voltage…

You wouldn’t have any of those issues.

Kill/Fix The Stress > Kill/Fix The Heat > Learn To Not Override or Abuse At Certain Times/Moments of riding —> Board lasts for as long as you don’t overstress it.

Of course, you have the chance of stuff failing overtime which is given. Just like any car and/or vehicle. Human body or what not…

Same as everything else in life. Push and shove something eventually gives… Your own health, your own relationships, everything.

just popped two belts within three days of each other. When it rains, it pours.

Less carbs might help.

thats a lot of belts… how much tension do you out on them?

finger taught. They were both four or five months old and i didn’t have the pulleys as perfectly aligned as I thought I did, so it was bound to happen.

I just ordered another 6 HTD 5M 9mm 53 tooth timing belts from a place I found on the internet. If they turn out to be good quality belts then I’ll post the link here.

In all fairness, i was sipping a soda when the belt snapped. That really irritates the cyclists. Especially when i slow down to match thier speed, take a sip, say hello, then speed up again to pass them.


My board did same thing, after 110mm wheels upgrade.

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