Did I buy the correct Caliber II 50* trucks?

Ordered these off of Amazon and seemed like much cheaper than anywhere else.

Wanted to make sure the dimensions matched up with everyone else’s…

Why wouldn’t they be correct?

I want sure if there were different widths or what not. I felt like I always see people talking about longer/wider trucks

If they have correct profile and fit your board without (excessive) wheelbite they’ll do. Next thing to check is if they fit your wheel with pulley next to motor mount, motor and motor pulley all mounted. If it is all alright, you bought correct ones. Simple :slight_smile:

Thanks! Still waiting on that mount but have risers as I was rolling 73mm before and those were shaving it close. Probably will be good after that though.

I measured my Cal II hangers’ exposed axle length (aka your second picture) and it’s ~35mm. I can’t measure the entire hanger width but judging from the picture, it looks right. I believe Caliber only sells 184mm and 160mm hangers, which is quite a visible difference :wink:

Also as an FYI, the price difference between different hanger widths (most trucks) is pretty small; it’s not the material that makes it expensive, but the manufacturing process itself (cast aluminum).

Perfect, looks like I should be golden then!

paid more than 30 bucks ? :joy:

Paid like 27 for two. Saw clones going for like $20for one…