Did I do sth wrong?

Can anyone take a look at this? The connector at the top is supposed to go to the battery the one to the right with the loop key to the ESC and the one to the left to the charger.


Seems alright to me. :thumbsup:

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Thx :smile:

Quick update: I just plugged it together and there was a big spark… Dunno what I did wrong

Can’t get the ESC plug outUploading… It’s stuck And the loop key was falling apart during the spark

How is it wired from the XT60 connector to the ESC? Do you have a picture?

One time i had the same experience. i had the wiring correct but somehow my spark key “melted”… I resoldered a new xt90s but this time the other way around and since then it is working flawlessly!

I dont know why my spark key melted… maybe faulty xt90s?

Don’t know problem is I only had 1xt60 left so I can order new… Is there a way to diy a anti spark thing?

Found it

You can put a switch on the auxiliary connector, that way you just switch it on and off before plugin in the main connector. Makes it easier.

Great idea

I am an Idiot… I assumed that you use a “XT90-S” plug but you do not. You need a little resistor to avoid the spark. A normal XT60 does Not have that resistor! Therefore you will always get a spark and melt the plug. You should buy a XT90-S and relplace the current XT60. Sorry that i did not See that earlier… :no_mouth:

Thanks for all of your help

It’s working at the moment(no need to talk about my great ESC isolation xD) Thank you breeders muuuuuch :blush: