Did I just fry my Raptor?

That’s really important! Needs to be done with every single PCB - its always the first thing I do prior to program it with the STlink. Won’t be an issue anymore with the v6, but it’s just a way of keeping things clean, so I’ll do it anyway with those too.

Thanks for the knowledge @chaka. Indeed the postive wire has an indention, but it doesn’t look like it punched through the coating yet. I’ve added a couple more pics of the vesc.

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Note the chunk missing from chip in first pic.

Usually a direct short will also burn the primary power trace withing the area I circled so you very well could have a short somewhere in your phase wires or it could be related to that broken fet. If you or a friend has a hot air station you could probably revive this unit by replacing a few fets and possibly the drv chip. You would also need to bridge the burned trace between the fets on the top side.

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Sucks man. I would contact enertionsupport and start there. I definitely would not use the space cell until they confirm it should be OK.

I did try other battery with same results…@torqueboards 12s…its in my earlier posts.

I did your test on motor once it was disconnected. Normal spin. Hadn’t thought of this test until you mentioned it, but it makes sense and gives me some comfort that the motor appears to be ok.

Now, with the motor disconnected, try shorting 2 phase wires together and spin the motor to see what the resistance is like.

I taped two wires together and it’s much heavier resistance. That’s what a motor short would feel like, correct?

Yes correct

Since it doesn’t feel like that when the wires are separated, should mean no short in motor, correct?


Sorry for Barney style questions.

Hell no…you have a problem…you want to figure it out…ask away bro

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Didn´t jason say something about a no questions asked warranty for raptors?

I would go for that and ask for a replacement VESC. This might be the fastest and safest way.

I had a very similar issue with my board (locked up and threw me off; one motor had heavy resistance to spinning when I bench tested later) and actually got fairly hurt in the superman thingy that resulted. I Emailed Enertion, board was sent for repair (my cost) no questions asked. I’m currently waiting to hear back. If you wanted it repaired under warranty, I doubt you would have any problems (except maybe the VESC, if you actually made that worse).

I emailed [email protected] and waiting to hear back. Was yours the slave VESC or motor connected to slave VESC? It actually seems like several boards have had the same or similar problems. Another thread started by @Skitzor seems like it could be the same issue and a few other raptor owners have weighed in with similar experiences.

Sorry to hear you got hurt. Being honest, the part that bothers me the most is the loss of confidence in the board. I remember accelerating, sudden lock up and then I’m sliding across Pacific Coast Highway (super busy F’ing street) on my shoulder. I didn’t even have time to think about running it out…literally flew off the board. I had cars at the light I was crossing pulling over to make sure I was OK. At this point I just want to make sure the lock up doesn’t repeat.

Sounds like we had very similar experiences; the next thing I knew I half way to a face plant. (Lucky for me I was in a full leather suit and motorcycle helmet!) I too have lost confidence in it. I’m hoping I’ll gain it back over time…

It seems to me like people are going through VESC like hotcakes. I mean they aren’t that cheap and the results can be fairly catastrophic when they fail so I just wonder why people rave on about how good they are. Seems most DIY builders have gone through at least 1 sometimes many more. Cant someone heavily over engineer these things to handle whatever is thrown at them or am I missing something? I feel like maybe a lot of people on this forum are ex (or current) RC enthusiasts who seem to accept that constant failure and replacement of parts is just a standard with the hobby but I know the reason I chose not to use VESC was inevitable failures and ongoing cost. Am I missing something?