Did I kill my Focbox's?

I charged my battery to 100% percent before a ride the other night. I was setting up everything to go for a ride, and as reached for something in my truck i accidentally pressed the trigger all the way down and when i realized i pressed the trigger i hit the breaks on it. the board only went about 100ft into some grass so really soft landing. my board has a led light on the front wired through a stepdown, the light was still running and working fine when i went up to the board, but when i pull the trigger on the remote it didn’t work. I take the board back and open it up no lights on both focbox’s when i turn them on. Did i kill my focbox’s? Other than this the board has been running solid and fast af for about four months now. 12s4p samsung30q chiboard diy 6374 190kv



Need a bit more info my friend such as set up.
Can bus/split ppm? Fused battery? Bms? Hows it switched? Usually impacts cause simple issues such as a broken connection somewhere. Np power to the focboxes point to this.

can bus not sure on the fused battery or Bms i bought a pack from chiboards what do you mean how is it switched? im using gt2b mastercho mod for the remote.

Does it have an antispark set up or a switched bms. If its a complete pack with a switch on it then its a bms e switch.
Did the can bus cable come off at all?

it has a anti spark setup and the can bus cable was still fully intact

Strange to have no lights on the boxes then. If you blow the canbus chip then no lights at all but if its any thing else you still get lights. Check the battery has voltage then check the voltage on the other side of the switch. Still strange though because usually if an antispark goes bad then they stay on not off.
You need to ascertain they have power. You obviously know about not disconnecting the can bus cable while powered up?

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