Did i wire my BMS up right?

Never wired a bms up before wired it up once and fried the BMS took a new one out of the box and tried again.

Before when i wired it up every second wire was negative = No power out of the wire.

Now theres a group of two wires getting the same amount of power, is that wired up right?


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No, it is not correct. Do not plug that into the BMS.

Take a closer photo of the top of your cells.

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I’m confused how the small black balance lead can be at 3.7V. You’re measuring them all relative to the big black battery negative wire, right?

What cell battery is this? And is this for charge only or discharge as well

Old Evolve Bamboo GT Battery pack some prismatic 18650 cells.

measuring them all from the - and + side. i can show you how two sec.

Did this on each point, the entire side where theres no balance wires is a negative side the entire side with the balance wires is a positive afaik

No, the entire side with no balance wires is why it’s not working for you but I can’t suggest how to fix it because the little black wire shouldn’t be at 3.7V and I don’t know why it’s measuring that way

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The black wire should be ground and no voltage and the yellow and white wire that were the same should be different leaving the black as 0

@dg798 Don’t confuse him more. There are two black wires.

You’re measuring them all relative to the big black battery negative wire, right?

When i did it so the black wire and other wires were ground the bms instant fried.

Its been plugged in now for like 4 min no smoke.

Should’ve been a little more specific the black wire on the end of the connector

Should i do that? If i do that the voltage is really weird.

Getting 16V on the second last wire.

I think it would be helpful to take a video of how u are measuring each cell so it’s easier for us to see what’s going on

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Yes, you have to do it that way and it’s why it didn’t work the first time

Already did hahaha, on its way.

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The problem is that when you check the voltages, you need to keep the black multimeter probe on the fat black battery minus wire and just move the red multimeter probe. Those wires on the other side are not all negative, those are series connections just like the ones on the opposite side

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