Did Litechpower ship me the wrong BMS?

So I was having an issue with a d140 BMS not balancing one of the banks, so I ordered a replacement from Litechpower and payed a ridiculous amount in shipping since buildkitboards was out of stock. (I ordered 2 and figured I’ll sell the other one on here if anyone needs one.)

Both of them arrived today, however they don’t look like my old one I have or the picture of what I ordered. See picture for differences. What are these missing components? Are they just an unnecessary component in a 10s setup?

This is the link to exactly what I ordered: https://www.litechpower.com/product-detail/HCX-D140LI10S15A_07.html

I believe the missing parts you see are the Fets that the BMS uses to disconnect the charger. So it just has less because its only a 15 amp BMS. I assume there would be more Fets if it was rated for higher amperage. They are all just wired In parallel with one another to raise the working current ratings.

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OK awesome, hopefully that’s the case! I have an email out to Litech as well, but figured I’d get a quicker response here to put my mind at ease :slight_smile:

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Was your other BMS a charge only model as well? I see there are other components missing other then just the Fets.

Yes the old one was also a charge only BMS, and I noticed that too! I did find another thread on here with someone else with a bestech 10s BMS and it looked like my new one with the differences. I hope these things are good to go!

In case anyone is following, this was the official response from Litechpower. I guess the one I had previously actually did support discharge even though it was purchased as a “charge only” BMS:

The pictures on our website are a sample, just for reference.

Our BMS is customized according to the customer’s requirements. The model you ordered has no discharge function, so there is no discharge mosfet.

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