Did remark a ticking if I spinn thé wheels 1 full turn

Did this weekend thé adjusdment of thé Focbox for my 2.1 and thé Nano-X… After struggeling for adjusting thé contrôler thé board was ready.Yesterday I took it for a spin butt when I would leave thé parking at thé supermarket I found myself on thé street,trying to stop thé board with thé brakes but saw thé board jumping on thé side walk(2 inches step) and flying 1 feet of thé ground with thé tail and de n’ose up against a garage port of thé house nex over… Later that moment I’ve checked thé garage ,belled at thé door but gladly…Nice people. After a Closer look I notices that thé wheels(thé 2) have a ticking in them when I spin thé wheels 360°… IS this a Normal thing (because before I’ve never spinned thé wheels ,b.t.w. New board sold thé 2.0 3 wheeks ago) or IS this a signé off damage…?. (Wouldn’t get any surprice when cruzin at 50 km/h?

Ow and what are thé best braking and accelerating settings with thé Focbox app?

Thanks you