Did you fall down?

I felt really hard two times, but I haven’t been seriously injured in any of them because i was wearning helmet and protections for my wrists, elbows and knees, I only get some scratches on my clothes.

My first fall I was in a straight line and i wanted to reach the speed limit (who else did this? every noob here? :innocent:) when I was going around 40 kmh - 25mph, I pushed a little bit the break and that destabilizes me enought to fly away, I think it’s not a good idea to push the break at this speed if you only have a single motor.

My second fall It rained a little bit the last night but the street looks dry to ride, guess what? I turned into a curve not very fast but enought to skidding on the crosswalk, the only way to stop was to throw me off.

anyone wants to share their experience?


Yes, but not on an electric. With drop and double-drop decks it’s super easy to accidentally shoe-bite and somersault if you’re tired/not paying attention.

First and only so far:

Full speed (about 33kmh) on a flat. For some reason my hand hit full brakes and I fly few meters, tumble two times. Broke my collarbone and get some massive bruises on my right shoulder and arm. Asphalt 1 - me 0


I’ve recently made sure that company helmets are indeed good quality safety equipment by rolling on asphalt after reaching top speed on the Spine board. I’m fine. Pink prototype is fine as well.

P.S. Wear helmets.

Asphalt on Flughafen Tempelhof 1 - me 0


The one time I fell off was at the end of a long run of 26km. Thankfully I was able to head for the grass at the end of a long straight away. It was due to a speed wobble that threw me off balance. I find after a bit of time with complete aluminum motor mounts that the heat disipates through the truck as well and the urethane bushings get really hot and sloppy (hehe). For that reason I am usually going slower when I notice the slop and my legs are a bit tired by then. Even my rear wheels are hotter than the fronts.

Some bruised ribs (I think because they were sore for about 10 days after) and a big welt on my leg from my Swiss Army knife that was in my front pocket. Also and this is scary, one of my hex drivers had stabbed its way through my napsack and was sticking out the side. I started packing my tools in a small hard case after that as my spare lipos and myself don’t need any puncture wounds :open_mouth:

I’m trying enertion mounts on my second build. (not really by choice) I will see if anything changes. I would suspect that the heat transfer would be a lot less. Does anyone have any experience to that effect?

Hi, I already told this story in the post about my electric longboard but here it is again. I think it’s appropriate for this post since we are sharing out skate falls.

Second day riding the electric longboard, first day crashing hard into the ground. I was in the zone, I started carving and controlling the board as I wanted, I made nice 180 degree curves with toes in or out and suddenly when I used the brake I was launched forward. My feet didn’t run fast enough and I went to the ground. All with that nice slow motion we all feel when disaster occurs.

The good thing was that I had my helmet, knees, elbows and wrists protections. The right elbow protection strap was almost cut, the left wrist protection got some nasty scratchs, the right hand went to the ground with the remote controller, fortunately I had the wrist protection and the jacket I was wearing has a new hole. Right hip has some bruises, right elbow skin was ripped off and some other minor things all around.

I’m happy, I survived my first skateboard crash. Lesson learned, you should not go fast if you don’t run fast enough. Also I need more practice with the longboard brake but it’s a little difficult since it’s too sensitive.


Been going on electrics for a decent amount of time now, but I’ve been lucky enough to stay upwards so far - had a few close calls though, especially at higher speeds (upwards of 20 mph). Worst fall I’ve had yet to date was on a non-powered downhill, a brand new globe deck just to try it out. Got going way faster than I expected, the bearings were fresh as well and not broken in. Probably at about 35 mph I hit a turn wrong and was forced to bail. Ruined pretty much everything I was wearing - but thank god for helmets and thick clothes. Very few scratches, the worst one was right at my waste where the belt dug into my skin. The board took the worst of it, got scratched up and one of the wheels was all but split after hitting a curb

I already told this one, but hey, its always fun to remember. I was going 40km/h+ downhill and reaching the end my remote cut off full throttle so i decided to jump off. Scraped all the skin of my forearms, palms and hip, shoulder pain for about a month. I was wearing a tshirt, shorts and no protection, not even helmet. I learnt my lesson, i always wear a helmet, long trousers and some long sleeve hoodie/jacket. And i limited my board to about 15km/h

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Yup, I’ve fallen down a lot.

I’ve fallen a bunch of times, but not yet on my ESK8.

My commute used to have this twisty hill on it that I’d bomb every day on my way to school, however it had a ton of cracks and even a few potholes. So one morning, it was a little bit damp from rain the night before, but I went down the hill nonetheless. Right in the middle of it, I noticed a pretty large stone in my path, so I swerved slightly out of the way. That little swerve was enough to get my wheels sliding, and soon I was going down the hill pretty much sideways. Both of my wheels got caught in a crack and my board instantly stopped moving. I was catapulted forward, onto my face. :dizzy_face:


On my first build I was going downhill, 20 degree slope approximately, riding through brake. My ESC got hit, went full throttle, I went “ass over tea kettle” so to speak :slight_smile:. Bruised up on my back and hip, but nothing broke…and nobody saw it so that was a plus.

On my second d build I was riding through the warehouse, took a tight curve, hit a puddle if water and landed squarely on my ass…that one hurt.

On this one, my 3rd build, I’ve yet to spill but it’s bound to happen. S’all good, just part of the journey.

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