DieBie JTAG 12s BMS | Gauging Interest | NONPROFIT

I will buy one off you.

Hi! @fedestanco is it still needed to ‘promote’ this production run?

There might be a few ebike people interested in such setup with this level of customization.

I just want to know is it still worthwhile to share the info with them unless you have also posted on Endless Sphere forums?

Yes I gave my availability to put this into production whenever 20 requests are reached (see form above).

Ok will proceed with this further then. Im pretty sure some of them should be able to use 12S and there are people who put even a few thousand on their tuned ebikes…

@fedestanco As I understand - I can share this link:

As that is the most documented one of what the BMS is going to offer right?

And then I just send them here.

Do you also have some sort of email, so they wouldnt need to log on to the forum?

Ok done, shared on facebook group and if needed, maybe a notice in forum itself would be also good. 12S is not that low after all, even if some of them use 14s+ voltages.

Great! I’d love to see this project spread over as much as possible.

How many people are interested so far?

Form: https://goo.gl/forms/rx24hQARRauqUp452

14 bmss right now, 6 left.

You should add the google forms link to the original post so people can find it easily.

Done. 10 char

Plus one for me :slight_smile: (added to the Google form already)

I might be able to start this in 10days. Lets see if we can hit the 20 by then.


Anyone else interested?

We are at 18 now btw.

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That is good news.

Will have to put my build on hold till I get one of these babies

Anyone knows how settings can be updated on this BMS?

Good question, which leads to further questions🤔.

Worst case I’d say you have to clear the storage on the chip, change config parameters in the source code, build, and upload to device. The default parameters are laid out nicely in modConfig.c … I’m guessing some of the comments haven’t kept up with the actual values.

	modConfigGeneralConfigStructTypedef defaultConfig;
	defaultConfig.noOfCells 			=	6;			// 12 Cells in series
	defaultConfig.batteryCapacity		=	10.00f;		// 12Ah battery
	defaultConfig.cellHardUnderVoltage	= 2.40f;		// Worst case 2.4V as lowest cell voltage
	defaultConfig.cellHardOverVoltage	= 4.45f;		// Worst case 4.35V as highest cell voltage
	defaultConfig.cellSoftUnderVoltage	= 2.60f;		// Normal lowest cell voltage 2.6V

Best case is that someone writes an app for Win/Linux etc that writes those values direct to the EPROM via a USB connection. The dev tools may let you do this already.

There’s little documentation in the repo on how you would build and deploy the firmware. Seems JTAG is using the Keil ARM development tools for this(???). It’s a commercial dev environment and there may be some licensing cost (depends how big the firmware is). I’d probably be happier if it was a Makefile and list of Ubuntu packages… but don’t even know if that’s feasible. I’m certainly no embedded systems developer.

A lot of work has gone into this project, it’d be a real shame not to see it picked up. Real question is for @JTAG, do you have any time to deal with some support questions that may come up? Maybe even a quick tutorial (youtube, blog post) on what we’d need to build and deploy the firmware.

I’m pretty close to signing up, this looks like a great and much needed project.

Hi guys!

Indeed the comments behind the default config do not always match with the code. I have about 8 DieBieMS es in use in various applications, I need to change the source and upload every time a different BMS battery combination needs programming. It indeed needs a UI that can do this :sweat_smile:.

Yeah modConfigGeneralConfig stores all battery dependant parameters in runtime, it gets loaded from flash emulated EEPROM at startup. For now indeed the only way to change the battery parameters is to change the values in the source code in the defaultConfig. The defaultConfig strucht get stored when the EEPROM is empty (at first run of the code).

Everything is written such that it should be easy to make a PC UI to changes these configuration values in runtime and store them. My main focus was on the safety systems in the firmware and fixing bugs that occur in very rare circumstances. For the past months I have been intensively riding my skateboard and electric scooter that both have a DieBieMS managing the battery, beating the bugs that I found. For the past three weeks everything works perfect and as expected.

Making a chrome app it comply new to me. I think Ill first make a quick and dirty nodejs command line tool to change the parameters, that will be very easy and cross platform. There are probably very talented people around here that could polish the pc app and make it into a shiney UI. My specialties are hardware en embedded software, I can do PC software but not to a production level :P.


Ok @fedestanco, I’m in for 2 assuming you’re ok shipping to Australia. One to use, another to play around with.

The nodejs command line interface sounds great @JTAG. It’d be a great starting point for someone to pickup from and make something a bit more pretty.

Well I guess I can start collecting the money. I will double check the BOM cost, yuan-euro exchange rate and wire transfer fees to give the most accurate final price.

Since the final weight is unknown, I cannot calculate the shipping costs to your home, thus I will now ask you all to pay JUST FOR THE BMS.

Once I get the boards at home I will eventually ask you a second payment for the SHIPPING TO YOU.

@JTAG do you believe the quality standards I listed in the first post are up to the task or you have special standards to be applied?

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No, everything is standard process!