DiebieMS level 3 help

Can any level 3 member help start my group buy thread for the diebiems board? I can provide all the background credentials you need.

I am trying to gather interest to manufacture the 2nd batch of the diebiems 6-12s bms board.

But since I am not level 3, the post got closed.

Thanks Sam

Hey Sam. just have a chat with @treenutter I sent him a msg already. As long as you don’t collect payment before you make the product you are fine. You just need to be clear about that to the moderators. Just collecting a list of interested parties is :+1: .

Thanks. I am not collecting now. Just checking if I can have enough to start one.

Yeah that’s it dude. You can collect a list of names, make the product then sell it. What you can’t do is collect money before production. Only a lvl 3 can do that.


I’ll open up the thread - conditions for keeping that open are in a post that I’ll leave.


Thanks @Cobber and @anorak234. @Samau18 I’m glad we have clarity about this… the community is excited for the BMS to be available!

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