DieBieMS v0.8 Batch 3


Yes, it arrived and will be assembling it asap!


Hello, when should we pay for those?

will invoice when they are ready to ship.


Am I to late to join in on this?

I need to back out of 1 of mine so you can have mine if not able to come in late.


I will have extras made.

Any chance that the connectors can come pre crimped so that I don’t need to mess around with them. Or is there some that I can pre purchase that will fit?

is hard to precrimpt them because we don’t know your wire length.

Hello Samau18

I have just completed my details on your google docs form, hope I’m not to late for the buy in.


You are good I am making plenty extras

Hows it going with these? :smiley:

Still waiting for pcb, have some issue earlier. Will post update asap.

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@Samau18 what’s going on. My super bulky bestech unit needs replacing…

Just given the go ahead on the pcb v0.9, we can start when it arrives.



A newer revision? Has much changed?

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Nothing, just added test points for faster mass production testing.

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So @Samau18, do you think there ist still a change to get it before xmas? ^^

Hmm should be done before that but have to consider shipping time. That’s quite a variable, will try to push for completion asap.


No rush from me still ordering parts for a 2nd build

I have a battery waiting for this only. Would be good to get it asap! Take my money :stuck_out_tongue: