DieBieMS v0.9 Batch 4

Hope every one is doing well.

I has been a while since my last batch. Will start a batch 4 gauge to see if people are still interested.

I have heard feedback from previous users for some misalignment of the IC placement. I still remember this and will make sure this batch to be improved.

Batch 4 interest https://forms.gle/iN7sZ7TM1e3gWUpQ8

Quote for Batch 2 post

The deliverable are as followings: 1 x DiebieMS v0.9 (2oz PCB) assembled. (SD Card and RF module NOT mounted). Components I have stayed true to the original design including the expensive press fit terminals

5 red and 5 black x wire connectors (non-crimped) for battery and VESC 4x. 1x Male 16P connector 20 pcs non-crimped terminal for balance cables (some are spares) 1x Momentary switch 1x OLED 0.96 Display 4x single end male connector with cable (JST 1.25mm 5p, 10mm) (Display, switch, canbus) 1x single end male connector with cable (JST 2mm 4p, 10mm (VESC side can bus) 6x M5x14 spacer screws 1x 80A Fuse

Asking for 120USD/pc shipped to major cities around the world via Hong Kong Post with tracking Number. (~8-10 days) destination tax and duties not included. PM if interested, I will create PayPal invoices. 10USD/pcs goes to @JTAG as donation for the great design.

The new batch will start when I have received ~200 pcs interest. Would take around 4 wks to make. I am hoping by the time I get enough interest, shipping will resume and most of us will be able to do go out and do some e-skateboarding.

**** Remember to use CC/CV power supply with the BMS.

A quick instruction guide:

Some quick video for showing how to get things started. (Please excuse the quality, quite busy lately, kind of rushed it, will improve along the way)

Charging Test

Configuring packs Discharge Canbus


maybe you could add some photos in here, people love to see what your selling before handing some cash over.

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Thanks forgot the photo and video links will fix later.

@JTAG Still has 2 of my diebiems’s and I can’t seem to be able to get a hold of him any way.

All 3 of these have failed on me, and none of the canbus’s ever worked, despite spending time trouble shooting with @JTAG

I hope you have found problems and fixed them because I really wanted to belive in this bms. It just never did what it was supposed to do for me.

Are they made by me? Sent it over if you can, We can fix it if the PCB are intact. Pm me.

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@evoheyax i sent 2x DieBieMS to @Samau18 to be repaired and he did it quick smart. send it to the person who made it

I have the same problem. I sent it to @JTAG too for repair of two of mine and I haven’t heard back from him since 24th of February. My thinking was to send it locally to get it fixed faster. Indeed should have sent it to you @Samau18 :sob:

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He seems to be not responding at all. Hope he turns up soon.


I hope all is well with him. It just stinks that it looks like he has ghosted us which I feel is unlikely though.

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Anyone know of any updates? trying to buy one of these for a year or more now. Always miss someone who’s selling it.

Please also pm when these are available I would like 2 please.

Some update.

I was able to grab a hold of Danny @JTAG he told me he is working on a new version. But still some time away until completion. So a heads up if you can wait for the new one or stick to batch 4. If you want to wait, please do let me know so I can update the order excel file.

We have a bulk order!!!. So our numbers are looking good for batch 4. Danny told me there is a minor update to the design (only the diode on the input got replaced by a Pfet). I am waiting for that and I will work on a schedule for everyone.


Hi! :slight_smile:

I have a DieBieMS that is unused. I will not use it in any project in the near future, so I am happy so sell it if anyone have craving for it

I live in Sweden and can send it to you.


Hur mycket vill du ha för den? … vart bor du, för den delen? (Bor du i närheten av LKPG så skulle det lösa frakten :slight_smile: )

Hi Phorvi!

now in Swedish Jag bor i Mölndal. Men kan skicka. Du kan ta kontakt med mig via messenger på facebook om du har det, eller smsa på 0702205538 så ska vi nog kunna lösa det. Grejerna är helt nya i kartong. Gav ca 1400kr för det inkl frakt och tull. Hör av dig så ska vi se vad vi kan lösa.

for the english speaking Yes I can sell it to you, bla bla bla, I live there bla bla bla! Please contact med on, bla bla bla :stuck_out_tongue:

Best Regards Nils