Difference between these three motors?

Hello. I am about to pull the trigger, the trigger that will start my journey towards becoming an esk8er. I just have one small gripe. I am unsure what the value before the 19XKv value stands for. I.e the 6374, 6354 and 6364 value.

And while we’re at it; which one is best for me? (Thinking 10s battery)




I could not find any information about that value on here. Maybe i’m just a poor lad who doesn’t know how to properly search. Or maybe it’s a stupid question. Perhaps both, perhaps neither.

Nevertheless, answers are appreciated and hopefully this will clear things up for me.

If you’re interested. I also have a topic on my beginner’s build here:

I know it says 125 KV but I want to go for this one instead.



it more or less corresponds to the size of the motor. Width and length respectively. Turnigy however is notorious for using incorrect values, so you have to rely on actual measured dimensions. These motors are bigger compared to equivalent sizes of say maytech motors.

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first two numbers are diameter, and second two are lenght of the stator and rotor and the kv number is a number that tells you how at how much rpm will the motor run with 1v supplied to it

So, it doesn’t really matter which one I go for? It’s just minor differences?

Also, should I aim for the 200KV one instead of the 192KV one? Considering that the 200KV is somewhat cheaper and in stock.

190kv is one of the most popular options. But depends on what you prefer, startup torque, topspeed, etc

Depends what battery you will use. I would use 170 - 190kv for a 10S battery and even lower for a 12S battery. You go a little above that but not too much. It will mean weaker brakes and higher top speed and weaker off the line.

the 6374 190kv motor from torqueboards is what I run and its amazing. The potential with this motor is crazy and its pretty popular in the esk8 world. The down side, if any, is its bigger size, but pulls well and know some guys running 40mph with it it thats your thing.

Go with the 6374 version If you’re going for a single drive. Thats the one with the most power

If you want the 6374 190kv and are located in the EU… I have a brand new one for sale

I live in EU, the 192KV one? (4400W?) @Yecrtz

Cheers. DIdn’t even notice that the other ones had lower power.

If you can offer yours at ish 20 euros discount (including shipping), I’m in. The reason is not because I’m a cheapskate, nay, it’s because I get free shipping (usually 20 euros) and 10% discount, which amounts to 16 euros saving (EXCLUDING the shipping I’d otherwise have to pay). So if you have a better offer, yes, then I would consider it.