Different enclosures

Hmm I don’t know lol, I have an enclosure now though so I’m happy :slight_smile:.

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lol I almost forgot abt that lol

This is how I made my esk8, very easy and cheap

I have also an instructable how I made the board, you can also check that out :wink:


Instructable link?

Haha, I have had much fun with that actually! I recently donated 120 danish crowns to a Live Youtube session, where the guy freaked out cause he thought it was dollars :smiley: I laughed my ass off!

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I saw those trays in ikea last week too. I decided not to use it because it was too deep. I ended up buying a plastic tray for Diaso for $1.50.

My $1.50 plastic tray.

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Nice one! It would be great if you make a thread step by step how to do it! :wink: what is weight of that enclosure?

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I’ll add a few more bits to my build thread but it really is super simple and there are a good couple of guides on youtube.

I’ll need to weight the enclosure but its really not very heavy at all. The ABS loses all of its flex once it has been formed into a more ridged shape. Need to start cutting my holes for cables, charging port and antispark switch now. Just hope I dont mess it up at this stage!

I have also decided to mount a voltage display but on the top of the rear truck and form a cover for it that will be held down by the truck screws.

This looks great! I have one concern though. You are using Lipo cells which will catch fire if punctured. I think there is a small chance of that happening if a big rock hits the battery pack. Maybe a thin sheet of aluminum between the cells and rubber will do the trick? Just a thought :slight_smile:

He’s already sold that board to fund his next build.

I picked up two stodja trays today at the local Ikea because I need a new enclosure and I am a cheap skate. I did not trust putting any weight on this, so I’m going to Velcro the crap out of my battery and all my electronics and stick them to the bottom of the board. I am going to try to apply a couple coats of tech bed liner as well for a little support, but it’s polypropylene, which is notorious for being nigh unpaintable.

I would love to see how you worked it out!

Any link to how you built it?

Wow - Holy thread revival!

Afraid I don’t - was just something I thought up. No way I wanted to cook up the ABS plastic in the home oven so I cam e up with this. I think the key is getting even heat so distance from the heater is important) and the foil lid I put over the top really helped to keep the heat in long enough. I did it for the challenge and I suppose there are probably easier and cheaper ways to achieve the same or better results! haha.

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