Different models of VESC for dual motor

I am curious if anyone has ever ran a dual motor set up with a VESC 6 and a VESC4 as the slave. Does anybody know if this would work? I’m considering buying a hub motor set up but currently only have one of each model. Both work fine I just would prefer to not have to buy another VESC6


check michobby , it has promotion on different vesc controllers

If want to use two single VESC to build a dual, the vesc needs to have same specifications, using a can-bus wire connect two singles and use a Y type battery wire for battery. Also, when choose a motor. Please make sure the motor RPM < vesc (V4=60000; V6=150000); Motor physical RPM=battery/power voltage (V)motor KV valuepole pairs q’ty

The vesc 6 & vesc 4 cannot be built a dual for different specifications. If you think the vesc6 is not cost-effective enough, you can use 2 single vesc4