Different truck widths

Has anyone ever used a combination of wide truck rear and narrow truck front?

I am thinking of using a Torqueboard 218 rear for mounting 2x 6374 and 15mm belt and in the front a Caliber II 44° 180.

will the turning radius be smaller compared to two Torqueboard 218 trucks?

or would it generate a strange turning behaviour?

I did, but with a stock caliber truck and a custom truck giving me an effective 12" track width. Your turning radius will be larger as a result of the widest truck hanger you have. The only strange turning behavior is you having a larger turning radius because of a hanger width.

will the turning radius be larger using 2x 218mm trucks? or it is smaller?

I wouldn’t be so worried about the turning radius as I would how reactive the trucks are due to different widths

i need to consider all of these things, i realized i often steer more with my front foot…

i will order a set of torqueboard trucks when i find someone for sharing shipping costs and then do some tests…

i like the idea of a dragster like board… maybe this whole thing works better then just hypothetical…

Narrower trucks do have a more nimble responsive feel to them, but the turning radius remains the same.

The one consideration that could make things a bit weird would be that you’ll get wheel lift a little easier on the narrow truck, so you’ll need to fiddle around with the bushing tightness front to rear a little bit if you carve deep.

I don’t think it would be any trouble.


Here’s a calculator. Apparently, how far apart the trucks are spaced also affect turning radius.\


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never thought about wheel lift, i am pretty heavy with 200 pounds and never had issues until now… maybe i can get a lower riser for the front to minimize this…

sadly its only for the same trucks…

thinking about right now using trucks in the front with a slight rake…

I wouldn’t worry about it until you know its a problem.


You know I am not thinkink about doing split like you @Acidfie , but I am looking at running a real wide Surf Rodz RKP set up and I am a little nervous about the reduced turning radius. I woild be going 200mm hangers with 90mm axles to accomodate Psychotiller mounts and 107s. That should be about a 310 mm set up if I am not mistaken. @Deckoz what are your thoughts on this? Roll on and not think too much about it?

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That’s basically the same width as torqueboard 218s (320 tip to tip) I have no issues turning around in a parking space and a half on the Evo…and that’s with a 35 degree dead rear…

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i think the theoretical discussion will bring up many other things with this idea… talking about wheel lift or response, testing is the only thing. i wish i could buy torqueboard trucks with rake or caliber with rake… so much customizable options would be opened.

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Just use a tall Barrell or short Barrell to imitate rake like resistance…?

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The length of the hanger should not affect turning radius at all.

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What is the “wheel width” on your set up? I think mine would be around 377mm measured from wheel edge to wheel edge because right now with a 200mm hanger and 70mm axles it is 336mm from wheel edge to wheel edge and then I would be adding another 40mm with the 90mm axles. I just don’t want to build some bad ass looking rig that handles like a shit dump truck. At least I have those adjustsble baseplates to mess around with to fine tune.

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but i cant imitate rake like this with bushings…?

Yeah so what hanger width does is it makes it so that when you turn, the inside wheel travels backwards further for the same angle, and the outside travels forward further.

The inside wheel needs to slow down, and the outside must speed up, so you’re fighting the inertia of the wheels more the wider the axles are.

You could imagine it being like making your wheels act heavier.

This affects the feel, but the actual radius of the turn remains the same as if you were running 120mm hangers.

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218s on 107s

SR 200 w/ 107 and 80mm axles

About an 1/8" different… And extra 20mm for 90 axles won’t be to much…

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Awesome, thanks for that!