Different variety of Nyko Kama wireless

Hey guys I just got this nyko Kama wireless that I ordered from eBay, and in the disassembly process I became confused. This version of the kama seems to have a different dongle receiver than the others I have seen. Anyone have experience with these? And if so, how did you wire it to a VESC? I guess Im just wondering what each cable is for.

Looks normal to me. I can’t see the wires so it’s hard to say if they really did change the wire colors… You will just need to get the JST connector and it will connect to the VESC

Hmm ok. I was confused because the receiver on this one is different than the guide. The wires are also different colors, so I can’t tell which wires are for what.

its pretty far from normal.

yeah looks like you got one of the odd ones. pre nintendo court case probably. i’m pretty sure the latest ones are the ones that everyone uses.
there have been a few people on the forum show up with one like yours, but i’m not sure if they worked or not.

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Thanks for replying @lowGuido. Any idea what the cables represent? That sucks I may have to get a different one

you should still be able to use it. just match up the wires.

ok. Is there any way to figure out for sure what each wire is for? This version has different colors than the standard. Should I just do trial and error?

yeah. there is a diagram.
props to whoever drew this…


OH sweet. thanks so much. lifesaver

keep in mind that if you have the latest VESC it has 7 pins, so there will be an unused pin at the bottom as well


ok thanks so much @lowGuido

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Some pictures to illustrate: http://esk8content.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/uploads/db2454/optimized/2X/b/be48c58487cc1fc8419d145f2728e69d0d6c2820_1_666x500.jpeg From @chaka From @elkick Pin 1 Do not use Pin 2: Green SCL/RX. (closest to motor wires) Pin 3: Blue SDX/TX Pin 4: Do not use Pin 5: Black GND Pin 6: Red 3.3v Pin 7: Do not use (closest to battery wires)


please tell us if you get this controller to work with the vesc.
This model is way easier and cheaper to get here in switzerland :slight_smile:

Ok will do once my VESC comes in. Hopefully a week or so if @torqueboards is still on time

I hate that picture. it should be banned.
The pin numbering is exactly the inverse of the numbering in Vedder’s diagrams: pin1 (5V) is the farthest from the MOSFETS and pin 7 (ADC2) is closest to the MOSFETS.

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OK thanks for that info. Glad I didn’t screw up anything yet.

No wonder. I had to insert upside down to work. @trbt555, can you post a correct picture?

The connections in the picture are correct. The pin numbers just don’t correspond to Vedder’s schematics.

Here’s a quick diagram I made with correct pin numbering:


pin numbers and wire colours aside. all these diagrams assume you have the later model Kama.
there is 4 (used) wires: power, ground, data and clock. just make sure

GND goes to GND
3.3v goes to Vcc
Data goes to SDA
Clock goes to SCL


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