Direct methanol fuel cell w super capacitor in parallel board

I didn’t make it and likely won’t unless the costs go way down but doable


I was like, “I have a few pennies to fuck around with”. :upside_down_face:

Then I saw the price. :flushed:

Help us out here humburger. Real world esk8 application scenario, what does this do for us if cost was not an issue?

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Well the article is interesting and readable. Maybe if u skip the fuel cell and just used the super capacitors you could charge in a moment and wouldn’t have to replace them in your lifetime or your next of kin’s. No voltage sag.
The fuel cell using just methanol, which is close to do it yourself whisky, has huge stored power and one day likely will more efficient.

At this point you could still make it and it would fit on a board.

Using the fuel cells with the capacitor in parallel is nice in that it can supply burst power storage so u can get a smaller cheaper fuel cell

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I’m gonna read the article in a second. Here is a video for you lazy people out there!


I’m in if it can help make my motors growl like the Audi e-tron GT in Avengers

Gb? 10char

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