Dirtiest Transmitter Hack

Hi Guys, Just wanted to share my transmitter hack that I just did for my cheap chinese 2.4ghz TX I bought from ebay for my electric longboard DIY build.

The board build you can find here: http://kevindark.co.uk/Blog/Read/7

Basically I just stripped the TX down to see what components I was dealing with. I knew I wanted to change it to controlling throttle and brake with my thumb, so I got drawing and cutting out in cardboard, eventually found a good shape and then cut it out in some 3mm foamex.

Here’s a photos I took along the way. I’m not overly proud of it, but it does solve my problem where the original casing was just SO big and bulky, and I still need to incorporate a rechargeable Li-Po battery instead of the original battery bay! I know it’s dirty and ugly, don’t judge me, I just wanted a quick hack to reduce it’s footprint and for it to feel better to use…


If it works it aint dumb :slight_smile:


I love this!! So ballsy to just rip the whole thing open and modify it like you did! Great job, sir! :v:

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Nice! I did the same thing to my remote except it was already small, but I destroyed it anyway :smile:

Doh! lol

Oh dear…

Oh that is dirty. See it, then do it. Good job.

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I need a shower now.

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Awesome hack

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cheap and dirty = awesome