Dis functioning vesc red led keeps blinking after power on

Hello there,

I keep having issues with my vesc and that’s an endless fight but one by one. after powering up(Suddenly started to happen after a quick test ride with same setting to the second vesc) the blue led turns on and the red led just blinks along with a slight glow from the nearby green led I have to mention that this happened after a quick successful test ride after replacing the burned DVR chip and of course the other vesc running with it is just fine.

What voltage are you feeding it? If its around 8 Volts it will just keep blinking red.

Hook it up to the BLDC tool and see what errors show up.

That’s the deal I cant when I connect it to the PC with USB the PC recognizes it and when I connect to it with the BLDC tool it says Unknown error.

I know it’s not about the cable because I tried it on the second onboard VESC and it works.