Disassembling a hardcase LIPO?

I have a couple of bad batteries (2S Turnigy Nanotech Hardcase). When I attempt to balance charge with my Traxxas charger they cancel the charge cycle after a few minutes and say “full” or “cell err”. I did a little investigating and noticed that when I attempt to charge the bad packs the charger cannot settle on what the voltage is of the pack so it cancels. Sounds like a loose connection. I found this video and figured I might try this and see if I can locate the problem.

Anyone have any experience dissecting LIPO’s? Video is a bit slow but gives me a good idea how to safely open and inspect. Maybe I can find a bad/loose solder joint?

Yes it might help to disassemble the battery to find the loose/bad connection, but this is not always the problem. These batteries probably have some sort of protection circuit, which might be damaged as well.

I’d say you should open it and thinker around, you will probably learn a bit from it, just be aware of the dangers. LiPo’s can be dangerous. Don’t stab the cells or short them out.

GreatScott made a video about the dangers of LiPo batteries.

Not much of an answer, but I encourage you to try :slight_smile:

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I got into 1 of the bad LIPO’s. Not much to see. I flipped the balance plug (thinking it could be corrosion) but result is the same. My voltage checker is seeing correct voltage but charger does not??? I took a few pics. I will have to buy more batteries. arg…

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