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Hello, I was recently thinking about building an electric longboard to use as local transportation here in san francisco. I’m new to boarding and don’t really have experience with either electric or non-electric boards. I could probably just buy a pre-made one but I thought it would be interesting to build my own. Anyway, I’ve been reading up on building an electric longboard via some sites and forums and wanted to see what people think of the following:

enertion Space CELL battery - seems really convenient since it comes with charging stuff, voltage display, battery management system, and on/off switch

carvon dual hub motors

dual VESC - Anyone know what the best place to get it is? I’ve seen it on various sites like enertionboards.com and ollinboardcompany.com

It seems different people make VESC, but they are all the same device right?

As I am also new to boarding, I don’t know all the differences between different board shapes and whatnot- although I’ve read through the guide on here and muirskate.com It seems its best to get a top mount, stiff, with not much concave ?

Do you guys think any of these will be suitable for an electric longboard? https://www.muirskate.com/longboard/decks/70202/never-summer-2015-commander-longboard-skateboard-deck-w-grip ( this one seems to have some concave ) https://www.muirskate.com/longboard/decks/70490/omen-sunsets-longboard-skateboard-deck-w-grip

Also, it seems VESC can connect with the wireless Nyko Kama Wii Nunchuck? How exactly do you connect them together? Also if you have 2 VESC, can a single Nunchuck control both of them ?

And I saw someone used a screw box for an enclosure, so I was thinking I would try that for everything except the battery, since the Space Cell seems like its already in its own enclosure.

Is there anything else I need to know?


VESC are all the effectively the same. Get the commander board. Lots of people get VESC from enertion, marcin on endless sphere and jacobbbloy on endless sphere. Have a look at the for sale (new) section on endless sphere. As for the nyko kama you can connect with wiiceiver or connect directly to board with some soldering (the soldering method seems to loose connection LESS)

Screw box would be cool. Or you could get psychotillers abs enclosures. Coming along well, nice job! Be sure to make a build thread when you get some parts! PS: What motor mount are you getting?

Connect the VESC over CANBUS or get a Servo Y splitter. One nunchuck can control both motors yes.

Full disclosure: I have yet to assemble a board, so don’t take my reply as gospel. That said, I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time reading about it lately, and think I can help with some of your questions.

[quote=“disastorm, post:1, topic:298”] It seems different people make VESC, but they are all the same device right? [/quote] Broadly, yes, but the version number and state of completion might vary depending on who you purchase from. For instance, I ordered one from Enertion (V 4.8) while Jason was away, and have recently been notified that he’s cancelled the latest run of 4.8 to move on to Vedder’s latest 4.10 version. Some sellers are still offering 4.8. How significant the changes are to general experience, I’m unsure, but there’s a change log on GitHub as well as a post somewhere about it. I can try to track it down if you can’t find it. My impression is that it’s a small but non-trivial iteration.

VESC can utilize the Nyko Kama nunchuck. This might be helpful: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/vesc-faq-connect-the-nyko-kama-wireless-wii-nunchuck/139 . From what I’ve read, some people have experienced intermittent connectivity issues except in the cases where they soldered the jst connector wires directly to the receiver. Of the 3 or so reports I’ve read of a soldered receiver, connectivity has been reported as completely reliable. The other popular option is the Hobby King 2.4GHz GTB2 or Flysky transmitter/receiver, which seems to be universally well-regarded with respect to reliability, though it’s larger and lacks a cruise control fuction. Lots of posts regarding both of these setups exist.

2 VESCs can be connected via CAN bus connection and controlled by a single nunchuck.

All I can personally offer, here, is that it’s a good idea to measure / map out your hardware layout to determine how much space you need to mount it all (allowing for motor mounts, enclosure, etc) and make sure the board you buy can accommodate it. It seems to me that boards in the 38" and up range are generally safe, but of course, it’s really the wheelbase size that matters. Some successful builds have been achieved with shorter boards. Also, a flat-ish, stiff deck will simplify hardware mounting. Don’t forget to consider clearance needed to avoid scraping your components on the ground (e.g. drop down / drop through boards will be more likely to cause clearance issues but are possible with larger wheels).

I’m sure others will help answer your remaining questions and address anything I might be incorrect about.

@emotiva firstly let me say that was a great reply… its detailed answer like this that help make our forum awesome!

Regarding the Version v4.8 to v4.9 to v4.10 it’s actually some of the biggest changes made yet by BV… but what does it mean in the real world to most of us riding around our eboards?.. not much!.. However everyone is definitely better off with this new version, it is definitely better on a technical level… The VESC product is only getting better!

The v4.10 from enertion (the late october batch) will be the most complete version yet! it will basically be plug & play with the space cell & r-spec motors. I will preload R-SPEC parameters and make all the necessary adjustments for optimal performance with Space Cell.

@disastorm to learn about connecting two vesc together read this: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/vesc-faq-connect-two-vesc-via-canbus-for-dual-motors/142

Thanks for the info guys. What do you guys think about the belted motors vs hub motors. The hub motors I’ve seen for sale are on endless sphere forum, but his website is www.carvonskates.com . Is he the main hub motor guy or are there other makers as well ? Is there any disadvantage to them?

  • edit it looks like hes temporarily stopped selling them. In that case, are the R-SPEC motors good to get along with enertion’s dual motor mount kit? Are the enertion trucks and wheels neccessary, what is special about them? Are they easier to connect with the enertion r-spec motor?

lox when you say you can connect the nyko kama’s receiver directly to the board with soldering, why would someone choose to have a wiiceiver in between then? Does it give additional features? So using either the Nyko Kama or the GT2B requires the soldering of pcbs together ? Are any of them easier to connect/setup or they are about the same?

I ride in SF in around Financial District/Chinatown/North Beach district area. Occasionally, I’ll scale close to 30% inclines and I’m usually riding a Dual Diagonal Motor 10S/12S setup which is more then enough to climb hills.

I have pediglide hub motors also but have yet to test them out uphill…

I’m hoping to get another test board built soon so I can test…

Good luck on your build… See you riding! There’s more an more people riding everyday which is interesting…

About a year ago people looked at me like an Alien.

@onloop Hey so I am considering buying alot of the stuff from your site, but since your epower kit is no longer offered, the guide video is outdated right?

I found this thread where someone was figuring out how to put together everything: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/enertion-diy-assembly-help/221/21

It looks like there was a set of VESCs that didn’t come pre-soldered? Will October’s release require any soldering or will it come presoldered? Will it come with an XT-60 connector so it can be easily connected to the Space Cell ? Also the battery comes with a slow charger (without the upgrade)? How does it work, does it just plug into the wall?

So from reading everything, this seems to be the full process: Assemble the enertion motors as shown in the youtube video. Connect each of them to a VESC via bullet connectors. Connect the VESCs together via CANBUS. One VESC should be connected to the wireless receiver. Both VESC power wires with capacitors should be merged together into a single wire ( just solder both of them to the same XT-60 right ? ) which then connects to the Space Cell via XT-60 connector. Finally I guess all that stuff needs an enclosure and then needs to be mounted.

In the previously mentioned thread, someone mentioned that @psychotiller has a nice enclosure made for VESCs and the Space Cell?

Also, since I’m new to this, can you guys tell me if you think there would be any problem using this board: https://www.muirskate.com/longboard/decks/70202/never-summer-2015-commander-longboard-skateboard-deck-w-grip

The wheelbase seems pretty sizable, 27.5 - 28.5 inches , the only thing is that there is a concave, although I’m not sure how much of an issue that is.

Because with wiiceiver there is no soldering required.

That deck looks good! It has a W concave so you can mount things on the 2 flat bits.

I see thanks for the info!

Thought he was using a VESC, why should he then buy a wiiceiver?

If so, to connect the Kama nunchuck receiver to the VESC only 4 small wires need to be soldered.

Yes that is what I will do. I was asking earlier what the point of using a wiiceiver was and he was just answering saying that I guess some people use it because no soldering is required.

Btw should I get risers or is that not neccessary ?

I have them but it looks like a giant. They give more clearance though so that’s a bonus.

Well I’m going to use a top mount so I should have enough clearance already right?

Sorry, I don’t really know what a top mount is. I am not much of a skater I like the electronics side more.

I’m not either. Top mount just means you mount the trucks under the board instead of part of it going through the board.

Top-mount will certainly help with clearance. Other than the board shape (drop, etc) and trucks, having enough clearance depends on the size of the wheels, motor mount position, thickness of batteries, and enclosure. Given that the SPACE cell (and the enclosure you referenced) is quite thin, you should be fine, but best to calculate everything and make sure. If you haven’t already, see onloop’s post here about board shape and space required: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/what-deck-is-best-for-building-your-own-electric-skateboard/30 . He states 170mm needed for mounting motor and wiring. Add that to the length of the enclosure you want to mount and make sure there’s enough clearance from front trucks.

That’s great! It will be nice to begin with a common, vetted configuration.

Are there places to get enclosures or should I just use a random piece of tupperwear or box or something. Also, how do people attach enclosures, batteries, etc to the board, do they bolt them in, glue them, I’ve something about velcro before also?