Discount brand new 10s4p 80a 10000mah SOLD

So I’m offering to build a 10s4p battery pack with copper strip and a 10s bestech 80a bms as a thanks to all the buisness I’ve gotten and for all this community has done for me. Some people have budget builds but want that awesome range or a decent system but can’t afford it or maybe someone just wants a good battery at a good price either way I’m selling this 10s4p for $320 shipped. I’ll need a 1-3week build time and the configuration you would like it done in


Almost forgot led, switch, charge port, and charger included in case you were wondering. Christmas is around the corner with thanksgiving coming up so why not offer a sweet gift to you guys

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30q? 10char

25r on this one but since it is 4p sag isn’t as much an issue

How about to Canada?

Can’t sorry bro

This sold right?

Yeasir it has

I always seem to see these late

Hoping to do some more

It’s a good price what would the range be on that battrry

I remember someone clocking 20-25 on a battery like this