Discovery board and programming

I have a Vesc that I bought back in November and an r spec motor with a wii controller. Am having trouble programming them into Vesc.
I have watched badder tutorial . He talks about useing a discover board. Can any one tell me what this is and were to get one. This
Was probably not a good way for me to go as am terrible with computer . Can anyone simplify the programming process for a layman. Cheers mark

Depending where you got the VESC from it might change my answer. If you bought it from Enertion It comes preprogrammed with all the correct settings for the R-SPEC motors & PPM input. So you might want to test it out first and see how that works. We send out the VESC preconfigured with the best settings already & changing them may lead to issues so proceed with caution.

So if you feel like playing around with it and changing the firmware or customizing the parameters you might want to read this:

AND this;

If you bought the board from a reputable seller the firmware and bootloader should already be flashed. This means you just need a USB mini cable to change the settings or upload new firmware.

If you don’t have the bootloader or firmware then I recommend a ST-Link V2 its much cheaper than the discovery board and works fine for programming the micro.