Discussing Enclosure Options - Landyachtz Switch Eagle 35

As I’m beginning to gather my parts slowly, I’m reaching the point where I need to start thinking about dimensions for my enclosure and weigh my options against battery size and vesc choices.

After doing some research, I can’t find a single build with this deck. I had planned on printing something custom and reinforcing it possibly.

Does anyone happen to know of any enclosures that are compatible?

I’d be interested to know if there are other decks that use the same mould. Some of my LY enclosures have fitted other decks well. Here’s the LY Switchblade 36. 6A5673CD-89B8-45C1-9738-636FF6A5F09C 06767D95-5CE6-48D5-9378-4BD582493F2B


Hmm. I’ll take a few pictures when I get home to compare. Looks similar for sure. I’d love to not have to make my own enclosure for this endeavor :joy: I’ve printed enough

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That’d be great! I’m hoping to do something with my switch as well.

Hey @bigben do you have an online store for your enclosures somewhere?

No, I’m pretty behind the times… Still just have an instagram account.

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image image

Looks close??

Yeah it definitely does look very close

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Still have any of those enclosures left?

I almost wonder if I could email Landyachtz and ask if they use the same mould

I have the mould so I can make them to order. Pop me a pm if you can with the measurements of the deck. From the top of the front “arch” to the rear one etc.Then I can compare in the morning.

Cool I’ll measure it and take some photos when I get home :+1: I could always use a different deck but I wanna try and put this one to use since I’ve got it

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IMG_20190104_222657 IMG_20190104_222806

Looks like 46-47cm from arc to arc

Maybe just under 23cm wide

image image image

It sounds pretty close. It’d be really good to check for definite though.

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Looks like an exact match tbh… how much are the enclosures?!

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I’d like to know the price and internal dimensions as well. Thank you

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Internal 500mm long 165mm wide. 22-25mm deep. £45 plus shipping.


Would you switchblade enclosure worth for my switchblade 40”? Have you been able to test fit that combo?

Pretty sure it wouldn’t fit. I actually have this model. http://skateboards.rollercountry.com/skates/landyachtz-2012-switchblade-40-complete-longboard-skateboard/ So I could check.