Discussing esk8 deck: "Doobie" 39" Deck with Kicktail & milled out area for electronics

I have one blank pressed. Should I use it to make this board?

Yes I want to see something :grin:

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Michrasubhransu, we are not sure about that yet, but I imagine 90mm would work fine. Motor clearance will be a good problem.

The kick comes up.

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People use 110mm wheels btw

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Then they can use more riser or talk to me about a cut out shape. :slight_smile:

I’m talking most people use it. I’m not sure how much of a riser you would need with this deck

I’d like to see one myself not just a computer render

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I was debating using the blank we pressed for the raptor 2 set up, but this one will be used for this board. I need to know before then exactly what size the enclosure cuts are going to be.

What cutout do you have in mind, I’ll tell you if it’s good or not

I don’t have any cut outs in mind for this deck in this group buy. Programming a new shape for a board however in the CNC takes about 2 minutes, so basically people can have what they want, but that would not be a question for this thread.

Max sense to have the biggest cutout possible (and sensible) and the same cutout. Because no one is going to make several different enclosures for the same board

Oh when you are referring to cut outs, are you referring to the battery enclosure? Yes, that is still in the plan haha, of course.

I was talking about cut outs so freaks can put their 110s on it.

I shouldn’t have said that it isn’t for this group buy, because I’m totally down to give people different shapes for each order. Likely it will just cost another $20 to get a custom shape.

One of the biggest questions in regards to the battery enclosure is going to be motor mounts. Since this deck has a micro drop even outside the inner wheel base holes, there is a good chance many front mounted motors could hit.

I have almost no point of reference to see exactly how much drop we can work with having different motors, and motor mount locations.

LMFAO… not all of us want those bouncy ball wheels

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Most of us are freaks tho

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Do you want a top mount with a kick, or do you want a cut out board (could have a kick or not) You seem to like throwing curveballs. I do want this set up to work with as many DIY kits as possible, and I think we can get it there, but 110 mm wheels are 110 mm wheels, and they get lots more wheel bite, and demand way more riser if the deck isn’t cut out. But here’s where these things begin to F with eachother.

I need to know where motors are located. If there are people out there thinking about buying this board, what kind of trucks do you have, and motors and mounts? Maybe if we do a cut out version which won’t use risers, those people could use rear mounted motors… ?

People use risers if they use big wheels that’s not a worry.

People use different trucks but almost all motors are 63mm in diameter and either 55mm long or 74mm wide

Great, the main thing I need to know where motor mounts are placing those motors. If someone has a 3d model I can import it into this model, and take a look at just what motors will work with what risers ect.

I have a few mounts but it’s all simple really.

Some mounts are long,some short. Some are fixed (not a lot and if they are they are the shortest mount possible) and most have adjustable angle

A short mount has a center to center distances of like 65-70mm iirc

So basically 70mm from the center position of the truck axle to the shaft of the motor

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