Dismantling LiPo packs - tips?

Any one have any tips for dismantling LiPo packs? I’ve just bought 3 x 4s 5Ah packs that I want to turn into a 12s flat pack. I’ve taken off the plastic cover and am left with 4 cells spot welded in places with leads soldered on. What’s the best way to unpack the terminals? I’m okay with desoldering the leads, that’s easy.

I actually just carefully cut (with heavy duty scissors) clean throught the soldering on the tabs. In my case I still had enough of the tabs left to resolder them. I didn’t want to risk heating up the cells by fiddling with desoldering because they seem like they reuire quite a bit of thermal capacity

I were unable to solder those tabs-.- Just made some holes and bolt them together.

Yeah, they do require a bit of heat. If you have a powerful iron and make sure to constantly touch test the battery for heat near the terminals it’s quite fine. Cool, will probably just snip through the tack welds.

here is a tip: put insulating tape over every terminal but the ones you are working on. ALWAYS


don’t puncture the cells lmao

hey what’s the tape called that lipos are wrapped in?

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the insulating tape or the shrink wrap?

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or kapton tape

insulation tape

as mentioned above, its Kapton tape.