Disposing of lithium pack

So I have my old pack, that has been in the elements. The cells are corroded and the shrink wrap is cracked etc. Cells are soldered together. Originally I was going to dismantle and reconfigure, but it is gone, but still has charge.

What shouuld I do? I was going to turn it in to a store that sells them, but the shape they are in, I think they might run. I could put them in a field, and use shovel etc, to ignite them.

Does anyone know if stores accept janky cells, in pack? Do they have a safe receptacle that they dont care about ignitions?


Totally forgot but i believe there should be regulations on how to safely dispose batteries. This depends entirely on where you live. People just don’t care and get rid of them by any means.

People MUSt care. The future of EV use depends on it. I think all packs need to factor in disposal/ reuse cost, so that they can easily get them taken care of the right way. Thankfully, I learned my lessons well, and my present battery is built solid as a rock. DIY. Trustworthy indoors.