DIY 10S4P Battery | Dual 6355 Maytech Motors | Maytech VESCs | Maytech Trucks

Hey guys,

Looking to get some feedback and opinions on my build before I pull the trigger and buy everything.

Main objective of this build is to get good value out of my money while retaining reliability and performance (to a certain point). I’m not looking to rush through hills at 40km/h+ and have a 30km range but I do want my board to be able to perform in most conditions and commuter terrain and be pretty reliable given that it will be well maintained.

Build components Below:

Motors : 2 x Maytech 170kV 6355 Sensored Motors ESC: 2 x Maytech VESC (or alternatively, if people have had good experiences with them I was interested in using their Dual ESC) Trucks: 1 x Maytech set of trucks for dual belt driven system Motor Mounts: 2 x Maytech Motor Mounts w/ Pulleys & Belts Battery: 1 x 10S4P DIY Battery (Samsung 25Rs Soldered together) Deck: Undecided but probably a decent second hand one somewhere Wheels: Orangatang 80mm or ABEC 11 Remote: Maytech Remote

My only concern with this build is the reliability part (due to purchasing a lot of chinese parts). I live in New Zealand so as you can imagine, there are no local suppliers and everything will have to be imported (except the deck and wheels). To me, Maytech seems to be the most accessible and affordable supplier with a large range of the products I want, but I’m quite concerned about the reliability of their VESCs and Trucks.

I don’t mind spending a bit more money on quality parts but I’m really not looking to break the bank here (focboxes look great but a little out of my price range). I would really like to get some nicer trucks and motor mounts but it’s quite difficult to source them from overseas at an affordable price.

Would appreciate any advice!


I’ve heard that the maytech vescs and the HobbyKing sk8-esc (vesc) are some of the best out there

How about getting things from Australia?

Also from New Zealand here. I have recently got x2 maytech vescs for my build. I have only put 20km on them so far so I can say much yet but they are going well so far. Don’t get the old style maytech winning remote they are notoriously bad, which is this one I can’t really comment on anything else but good luck.

Really hope you’re being sarcastic

nah mate ain’t being sarcastic

No idea where you heard that, but they are not the best.

@Miraclepenguin If you will be using the vescs in BLDC mode and you won’t go above 10s you will probably be fine.

for the money I would say. Can’t speak for the maytech but the SK8 vescs are very good so far. Accepted the latest firmware and are running my 10 s dual 6374 fine. The fact that they run the latest firmware gives me hope that they should be fine on 12s bldc. I’ll find out soon when the new battery is ready. I wouldn’t take a chance on foc though, leave that for the vesc 6 variants. image this remote from maytech is very good


@kptheinventor Thanks man, hopefully they’ll go well for me too.

@Ishayc Thats good to know. Thanks for the help.

@dareno Noted, those are the ones I’ve gotten. Thanks.

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I rode my board with Maytech VESC50A, remote controller and hub motor system for over 2 years. No problem till now. Love them. Their sales honesty and profession impressed me. Hope you have the same experience.

@Miraclepenguin Are you going with the sealed motors? I’m planning on picking up the sealed 6374 170kv. So far their customer service is quite responsive and provide more than just Paypal for mode of payment which is also good. Just want to know if overheating was ever a concern for their sealed motors