DIY 12s Evolve trucks build

So I got my hands on some Evolve Trucks and decided to build my girls board/extra board with it

  • Arbor Drop through deck
  • Evolve Trucks
  • Unik motor mounts
  • TB 6355 x2
  • TB 12s4p 30q cells and enclosure
  • Vesc X x2
  • Nano X remote
  • Abec 11 Flywheels 90mm
  • Evolve 38t wheel pulley x2
  • 15t motor pullies x2
  • Zealous bearings
  • X things

So far it’s been really nice it has alot of torque and the trucks are a bit unsettling but nice. Surprisingly it free rolls very well I found my self coasting alot in the group ride and not really losing much speed. I like this new set up and may keep it this way as my go to board when my main one is down for upgrades like right now.


Nice build. Did you have to extend your motor cables to reach the vesc?

Thanks! I left the motor wires alone I soldered in some 12 guage wire to the ESC and cut them to length and soldered on the bullet connectors.

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This is what i’m working on atm. Dkp but drop through in a carbon integrated. Gonna be my shopping trolley. Not sure I’d go 12s on dkp though without some serious restrictions lol Nice build and I like the fact its for your girl. This is exactly how i got the next one past the wife. Its for you babe honest.


Hey guys I decided that dual kingpin set ups are not for me. I like to ride really really fast and its not easy on dual kingpin.

Also I have the issue of not being able to use just any deck.

I have both front and rear trucks with Unik 63mm motor mounts and 38T used and brand new unised 32t pullies. If anyone is interested lmk

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what’s the interior distance between the unik mounts?


I have to measure it but my buddy has dual 6380 on his evolve trucks with these mounts.


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