DIY 12s Monster Electric Skateboard Power-sliding and Drag Racing

anyone tried making this build? i’m new to esk8, was hoping i can build something similar to it. can anyone recommend cheaper parts or even a clone huehue :joy: i just have questions about the parts before i buy it

Search in the forum for builds threads. You’ll find plenty.


i just have some questions about it since im planning to build something similar to it :3

so what are the questions? @Grozniy his tip is very handy and I think with some more research you will know a lot more :grinning: But to help you for searching: you will need 2 motormounts and a truck with it and some biggg motors the bigger the better. Dickyho or boardnamics sell very cheap motormounts that look good (I don’t know if they are good but I heard positive feedback) and you can buy big cheap motors from banggood or aliexpress

good luck!

That amount of power is really nothing special…


Spinning those wheels on wet cement… nothing special. How cheap are you trying to be? Just remember, Buy cheap buy twice. Luckily black Friday is coming up. It Could save you a bit of you’re ready to commit.


1 I have this parts on sale You are interested send me pm

just regarding about the components, from the video they said it needs a high discharged battery in order to get ridiculous speeds. some parts in the build he used is not available in my country (philippines) but i found an alternative(?) but idk if it’s compatible or suitable for the build. Turnigy Heavy Duty 5000mAh 3S 60C Lipo Pack since i have little knowledge about esk8. what would you recommend if i want to build an esk8 that is very fast and can ride up a hill easily like on a video, since i live very far away from downtown/like the main city or smth :joy:

60c is more than enough

so i just have to connect 3 of it in a series to get 12s ryt? i have a question also about batteries what if i use a battery that has 6000mAh than the 5000mAh battery. is it compatible or will it toast the components of the board

3 in series will get you 9s.

It’s not suggested to use 2 different types of batteries

i mean 4 hehe sorry. no i mean like use a 6000mAh battery in a build. instead of a 5000mAh one

Man. I know it’s easy to ask questions instead of searching in the forum. Please search. All the answers are here. For this specific question: you want as much C count and Amp as possible. 4x3s will be 12S. Only Focbox, vesc 6, ESCape are reliable on 12s. Every other vesc is good on 10s. More mah with the same S count, is more range. More C count is less voltage sag.


Yeah its better to search around first on the forum or ask sometimes the noob question thread, the question is also: do you realy want such a beast of a longboard as your first board or build firstly some experience with electric skateboarding (and building) with a board thats still good but not a 12s 2x 6374 beast

sorry for being a nuisance, i’ll try and search more in the forums next time. you’re right i should build some experience first. i was just fascinated by the 12s 2x 6374 build since i kinda want my board to handle such speed and power since i live far from the city. sorry again

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no problem, I dont find you being a nuisance :slight_smile: It’s more to help you

Fyi: it bothers me that in the video is says: most electric skateboards have cheap low quality cells. It’s not entirely true. All generic hub boards use 30q and 20700b cells. Which are the best between price/quality. But they only use 10s2p. The other boards use lipo with low discharge. If you build a 40cell plus battery of either these 2 cells, it will be great.

How much range you want?

im okay with 15-20 miles but i think it’s kinda overkill so maybe 10-15 miles maybe? :3

32km of range: urethane wheels 15wh/km: 10s4p 30q cells =29.6km this means 12ah battery Pneumatic wheels 22wh/km: 10s6p 30q cells = 30.27km this means 18ah battery