DIY 18650 battery

I was wondering if anyone can help me with these 2 problems I’m having. 1* the LED light stays on. There’s no turning it off. 2* When I hooked up the on and off switch to the VESC the battery started smoking. I Immediately unplugged the VESC. It didn’t short the battery or the VESC from what I can tell. But the smoke did scare me. I’m worried to plug it back in. I don’t want to ruin the Vesc. If anyone can give me some advice that would be awesome

What battery config is that ? The cells all look different. What voltage are you getting to the xt60 ? Would recommend getting a low wattage dc power supply to power up the vescs first. 12v 2 amp or something would do.

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Each section has 10 battery and there’s 4 section…so I’m not sure if it’s a 10s4p @Jebe

@Jebe great idea … can you recommend any type of battery that would be great to power up the VESC

From the looks of it it is a 4s10p

where did you get the batteries from?

I used lipo’s from hobbywing when I first started.

maybe 2 of these in parallel

or these

easy to charge with a balanced charger like this

adaptors for the vesc also

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I used a 3s lipo if you have one knocking around. Even ran the motor (though not to ride and worked for detection).

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What are the voltage and amp output of your battery?

Check your battery terminals are correct.

For the safety. Install a fuse or Two fuses between the battery and vesc

That is not 10s4p… More like 5s4p.

Have your battery connect to the power switch only… and test the voltage with multimeter from there. Don’t connect anything to it.

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To be honest that battery lookalike bomb. Where did u get it? If i see correct it is 4s10p

More close-up pictures of the whole setup please

That battery needs a lot of work before it will be safe to use. Smoking batteries is dangerous and highlights either a short or batteries that are way way out of balance. Also you need to look at all of your joints again. There are some that are visibly not well soldered. Sorry man but this doesn’t look like its going to be much use.

Thank you everyone…i stopped working on the 18650 battery pack and will order Lipo battery from Hobby King

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@Cramirez where did you get the first row of cells anyways? The ones 25R?

I assume… the capacity dont really match among the packs… and also - are u sure u connected all of them in the right way?

Anyways… happy riding once you get your lipo pack, as you probably wont be using this battery for riding :smiley: