DIY 3 Wheeled Electric Skateboard -- WARNING: CASEY NEISTAT

Anybody seen this yet?

Seems interesting??

Is the builder on here?

fucking hate him


I saw it, like the 3 wheel concept, but its is terribly basic.

The controller is a RF relay with a range of 2 feet. And the motor is likely straight off a razor scooter.

There was a nice 3 wheeled board I saw on here like 2 months ago that was sick.

I like the concept, not well implemented on the fact that the controller sucked, no charge port, and that it was a chain drive. It also seemed horribly unstable. Also why no speed control? Seems deadly…

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He’s a VERY bad example for the esk8 community. It’s a shame he influences so many people.


What does everybody hate about neistat? What does he do that’s a poor representation?

No helmet and have you seen him ride through traffic? Pretty sure he would even be pissed if he got hit even though he rides reckless and neglects every road sign there is.

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If you lived in NYC, or saw him recklessly rip through pedestrians etc, you would understand he is the face of everything that will get esk8 banned & regulated out of here.

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I think a lot of those same habits are followed by cyclists. While I agree that the traffic laws are important, bikes and boards alike, whether electric or not certainly never follow the laws 100%. And the helmet thing is his decision and his risk. Everyone who thinks about riding a bike, esk8, or skateboard should consider wearing a helmet. Remember in elementary school having a demonstration dropping melons to represent the skull splitting open? There are huge percentage of adults who choose not to wear helmets biking. What’s the difference on a boosted board?

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how many of you built an electric skateboard that costs 100$? riding without helmet hurts anyone except Casey? riding an electric skateboard with a helmet is also risky, less but still. people can’t do things that isn’t 100% healthy? guys, don’t eat sugar and be fat, it’s hurting me.


I’ve already heard stories about kids influenced by Casey to not wear their helmet and ride but it is up to parents and individuals to pick their own safety terms.

What Casey is doing is fine if he wants to put himself at risk, but given the audience is younger people, he should promote safety.

Us young kids are easily influenced you know…


yea me too a kid. I’m going to climb a power tower because I saw someone do it. I know it’s very risky, but I can’t do anything about it because I don’t have a control over my body :frowning2:. Casey did warn multiple times not to do the stupid stuff he do though.

if he thinks this is impressive he should see some of @lox897’s work :smiley: send him a helmet too while youre at it

Did you accidentally tag me? Did you mean @longhairedboy ? My builds are alright but nowhere near as beautiful as lhb’s

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yeah of course but he was so impressed with a 18 year old being able to build an electric skateboard :stuck_out_tongue: you’re what like 13/14 right? it would blow his mind

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He mean’t you. You’re younger and your builds are better than that 18 yo casey was impressed by.


Casey pisses me off with his self righteous and entitled attitude. He was cool but now expects to get everything for free. He’s fake.

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Casey is bae :heart_eyes::tired_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::weary:

But for real I saw the vid and, yeah that 3 wheel things is kinda shitty, no offence to the creator.

Rules for life: Don’t take anyone too seriously Don’t compare yourself to others Don’t be a dick

Life’s too short peeps.


Pls dont forget about @whitepony

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