DIY 45kmph, 35km+ range | 6374 190kv | 12Ah 10S4P | Sensored FOC

Here we go for an update guys:

Since this thread, I went to dual motor. 2x Torqueboards 6355 190kv. Long story short, because of how I had the motor wires, they were being put under pressure with each turn I’d make, and within a couple weeks the protective coating on the copper inside the motor itself had worn away, and I got a lovely full on short in 1 of the 2 motors going 45kmph. Massive speed wobble, practically got launched off, landed damn hard and smashed my head too right on my temple. Had I not been wearing a helmet it would have ended really really bad. Luckily I walked away with tons of scabs, and a useless helmet. WEAR A HELMET GUYS. ALWAYS.

I then took a very long break from eskating altogether. I’d just spent tons of money on getting this build running + going to dual motors, and I wasn’t about to spend 200 more euros on 2 new motors plus all other repairs. Also, my body (and mind this time) needed repairing. The hobby had drained me.

Now, over half a year later, I’m back. Here is my build now:

  • Dual 190kv 6355 Sensored Torqueboards motors

  • Enertion FOCBOX in sensored FOC mode (of course) (Each ESC is set to 60A battery and 80A motor)

  • (Each ESC is set to 60A battery and 80A motor)

  • 12.48Ah 10S4P pack of VTC6 cells

  • 90mm Flywheels (16 36 gearing)

  • AlienPowerSystem Remote

  • 4A charger for that good good charge time










whatever you do, finish with closed cell foam to put it all into compression. Silent is safe.

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