DIY balance charging parallel 6s

Hi all,

would it be possible that i make out of these 2 balance leads of the 6s lipos that im using in parallel a single parallel balance lead like in the drawing ive uploaded? i want to make a permanenet enclosure for the 2 batteries and make life a bit easier with the board :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:

If these are 3s batteries you can use a 3s to 6s balance adapter and charge of that one as a 6s Battery

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thanks but here its a 6s battery, im sure its the same principle yet im not sure what it is :slight_smile:

basically im trying to creat out of the 2 6s batteries this principle:

Nobody here can help?

What you search is this:

Just parralel each balance wire with the same one on the other pack.

But, just to have it said, it is not the bes idea to charge LiPos in parralel

Personally I prefer to charge my Lipos individually, outside of the enclosure on my board. That way you can inspect the batteries after each ride (for safety) and then charging, in my eyes, is going to be more consistent as the charger is focusing on one set of cells (1 battery). That said, you can buy parallel charging boards from eBay.