Diy battery build

Hey guys I’m planning my build atm and am needing some advice in regards to building my battery.

Going to use 30q cells and build a 10s battery (3p,4p or 5p undecided)

Motor will be a maytech 6374 190kv sensored. Maker X vesc

If anyone has some solid guides on where to buy the parts I’ll need for the battery that would be rad. I have the cells sorted just need to understand the BMS and how to safely wire it for long term use. Also need a charger that will work with these cells and give me enough amps to not take 10 years to charge. Would also like to put a battery monitor and power switch in and would be stoked to find a bms that has this all in a pack.

Thanks in advance for any advice :love_you_gesture:t5:

There’s lots to learn. You need a spot welder. BMS’s often come with a wiring diagram too. https://forum./t/the-battery-builders-club/720/922

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Thanks for the response man. I’ll dig into this forum. Can easily get my hands on a spot welder :slight_smile: