DIY Battery pack, I would love some advice :) 12S4P

Hi guys,

Im building a skateboard battery pack and Im kinda new to the whole diy batteries. I would Love the learn more. I read a lot and have done more research but before I mess something up I woul like to ask if my plan is okey :smile: . I am building a 12S4P battery pack (cads, the uncompleted pieces are bugs sorry about itimage image image

) the blue is negative and red is positive. The orange pieces are where I will connect the BMS cables. I am NOT SURE if the BMS cable placement is correct please help??¿?? I will be running a dual 4100W motors which are rated fow 80Amps and I think I found the right BMS …

Would this work ??¿??

I will be happy for any advice or kritisism??¿??

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I don’t think you have the right layout for series connections or balance leads, are you sure you went to make a battery or do you want to buy one made to spec?

Hi… thank you for the answer… I want to try building it bc I got the batterie cells basically for free :sweat_smile: and bout the layout … why do you think it is incorrect??¿?? :thinking:

The series connections should form a snake of pos to neg through every parallel group, and balance leads are connected to each series connections and the 2 pack ends

Yes I agree completely… this os the snake I thought would work (red line shows flow of the currect from positive through all the pack to negative) and the purple the point for the bms cables … right??¿?? :sweat_smile:

the batteries are changing orientation… firts ±±±± and so on …

What’s the battery? 18650 or 21700?

Ahh that makes more sense, that layout looks fine. Just make sure the series connections are rated for the combined current of the parallel groups and you don’t let the battery flex

I will be using 18650 samsung 30Q :sweat_smile: as far as my reasearch goes I found out those would be the best ones for eboard batteries right??¿??

Yeah I have to figure that out … I have a spot welder which can do 0.15mm nickle plates and i plan on doubling them to 0.3mm for the paralel and series connections and for the midle connections I will probably use thick wire … what do think??¿?? :sweat_smile:

Also Im nkt familiar with the term FLEX??¿?? :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much for your answers:)

Just with 18650 Samsung 30Q Version 6

what do u mean??¿?? :sweat_smile:

I mean if you choose Samsung 18650 battery,please choose 30Q6 version not 30Q version.

Pardon my lack of knowledge… I will be using the 30Q … I have asked couble of eboard battery pack producers which confirmed that they use the same cells … what is the difference if I may ask??¿?? :sweat_smile:

Samsung 18650 30Q6 is the latest version that release this year.The Max. continuous discharge: 15A(Without temperature cut) and 30A(With 80°C temperature cut)

But Samsung 18650 30Q is 15A(at 25°C), 60% at 250 cycle.