DIY Battery pack upgrade

Hello fellow riders,

I recently bought my first electric skateboard (I didn’t have time to build one) and I’m really excited, because it’s my first one I didn’t want to spend too much money on it so I settled with a pretty cheap Chinese brand. I’m planning on buying a more expensive one in the future but I want to ride this one for at least a year. I like the speed and stability but the battery life could be better. The board is constructed in a way that I can’t get to the battery to upgrade it. I know this is probably gonna sound pretty strange but does anyone know if it’s bad for the board to ride it while plugged in? I was thinking of a battery pack to put in my backpack that connects to the charging port on the bottom of the skateboard.

Thanks in advance!

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Charge and ride been around for years. As long as you use a current limiter under your BMS’s spec or parallel from the same charge it should be ok. can sell you 1 gazzilion 10S batteries for like $50

I remember going a group ride in Sydney and one of the guys had a few 6s lipos connected to a DC to DC boost converter running down to a DC plug to charge his board while ridding. The down side is your charge rate isn’t as fast as your discharge rate. It did work for him as there was a lot of rests.

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