Diy battery pack using Basen 26650 hi drain Li-ion cells

eBay must have sold you fakes? Do you have a battery tester to test the mAh and voltage curve?

They came in authentic boxes and had same print and authenticity labels as the one from Lion Wholesale. What tester do you use for that?

Could you contact liion wholesale? Maybe they maye shed some light on this… at least they should be aware that such batteries exist, I think.

is the weight of the cells matching with the specs? I did read somewhere that fake cells would be lighter…

I seriously doubt that they are counterfeit. Probably just an earlier version. Anyway, I’m testing a couple of them to see what their true capacity is. I’ll post results shortly.

hot glued and spot welded.

spacers take up too much room in the box in my opinion.


what charge do you use to balance each battery?

not sure if blood or paint.

satan cant help you make good packs dude.

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Nominal voltage 3.7v for Li-ion

@Namasaki li-ion is 3.6. Lipo is 3.7.

@delta_19 of course its blood. Most likely virgin blood of the innocent. And hell yes skatan can certainly help you make good packs as long as the requisite blood sacrifices are made.

I’m a little confused. My Li-ion cells have 3.7v printed on them and their specs say 4.2 max voltage

Well I’m a little torn between using spacers and gluing. I like how the spacers keep the cells from vibrating against each other and anything else and make the pack structurally sound so there is no stress on the weld nuggets. What I don’t like are the sharp edges.

What we need is someone to design some that are more rounded and 3D print them

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@longhairedboy There are lithium ion cells with 3.7v nominal voltage. Samsung 25Rs are taking over you. :joy:

you’r right. Its hard to keep up with all this. And i’m totally ate up with my sammys. I just love them so much.

@Namasaki my bad you’re right. It just depends on the cells i guess. I’m not used to seeing those around yet. typically in the past li-ion has been a tenth lower than lipo. If this becomes the norm it will make some things easier.

No worries Bro. Your input is always welcome.

I tested a couple of these cells and they really are 4500mah. This opens a new opportunity for high power, high capacity packs that are compact.


Especially when your building a 12s4p. Totally extreme. Your welds look really solid! What spot welder are you using? A pic would be cool!