Diy battery pack using Basen 26650 hi drain Li-ion cells

So, here’s the deal. I’m getting a little tired of dealing with my bulging Zippy lipo packs and I’m planning to build a 10s2p pack out of 26650 li-ion cells. There Basen brand 30 continuous amp rated and 4500mah I was getting 12 mile range with my Zippy 5000mah packs so I hope that I can keep this new pack small and simple and still get around 10mile range. gonna use a bms from BesTech 80a cont and i’m gonna put a 40a inline fuse on the output. I will be spot welding the cells together with pure nickel strips .15mm thick. Any advise or tips from the community would be appreciated. H


According to this tester, the cell actually runs about 25A continuous, so it might be safer to go 2P.


Thanks for the link bro. The guy said the 25a cont was (estimated). I emailed The Basen company about this and they say that this battery is rated 30a continuous.


I looked into getting a BMS and a charger from SuPower but the shipping was almost as much as the parts, did you find that too?

Really interested in this project. I’d like to have Li-ion batteries but don’t want such a huge pack as we normally see to get a high enough discharge rate.

Keep us posted!

Ya, the shipping is ridiculous! ups was like $65.

really? shipping for me was like $7 in the states. And yes 12 sets of 2

how long ago? my sub-total was $102 and shipping was $65 I think it’s because the stuff I ordered is coming from China. Some of there products ship from USA

they shipped from uk from my understanding it was only a bms though. This was back in April.

So, I ordered directly from their website and shipping is $65 I just discovered that i could order their stuff through Ebay and shipping is under $5 LoL I’m gonna cancel my order and re-order via Ebay

$8.20 :slight_smile:

be very careful of ebay, lot of fakes there.

you mean batteries? this seller has good feedback and the batteries have 4 out of 5 star rating

If I do a 2p pack I’m gonna likely do 10s instead of 12s I’ll loose 5mph but going 30mph is crazy anyway

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$8 is BMS only We were both looking at a BMS and charger $65😞

Ya, I found the charger on eBay by Supower and its $30 shipping just for the charger on eBay still better than $65

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Update: Gonna do a 10s2p pack instead of previous plan. Same batteries so the pack will be 9000mah. maybe 20 mile range on flat ground. And opted for the 2a charger mostly because its easier on the batteries and I can just charge overnight. Same bms but for 10s/60a. Gonna put a 40a inline fuse on the bms. This is my plan for the cell configuration: I am going to weld cells together with strips and connect the to halves with a jumper wire.

So it will look more like this:

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Anyone ever tried one of these:

i have that one it works but i havent used it a whole lot, will know how good it really is after this weekend.

Just saw this thread.

Congrats on the Basen buy. I’ve been using a 10s1p setup with these for about a month now with zero complaints.

And I too soldered cells together and compared to 18650s, they can take a lot more heat and abuse from the iron before heating up.

I’m getting about 9-10 miles out of my single motor setup.

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Cool, I would like to get one with more power but I’m afraid the breakers in my mobile home couldn’t handle it.