Diy battery packs

Just wondering why diy builders are not building there own battery packs? Am I the few guys that build there own?

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How many cells is that? What brand?


I would really like to learn to do that. super cool man. i need to learn more about batteries but i will do this one day. do you have a build thread some where on this?

Great topic!.. lets see more info.

I don’t have a thread, but just did research on it. Mostly from YouTube. I was just surprised that it’s not a big topic here on this forum sight. My first build was with 6s2p lithium batteries. You can get the batteries from Amazon or eBay(18650’s). I mostly read the reviews, and went from there. The next build I do that is pictured is 8s3p but only cost me so far $70. I will post the way I soldiered them on my this thread later.

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I posted this link on here a few weeks ago - pretty interesting video

Regarding the space cell, is the charger builtin? in other words is the external "charger that is sent with the space cell simply the power supply for the internal charger? OR are the electronics inside the space cell just a BMS that takes care of balancing and overcharging and overdischarging?

thanks Al…

It has a BMS inside and it comes with a laptop style charger.

I get a lot of goof ideas on this sight but notice most of the battery builds are so big and bulky.

I definitely want to build my own power packs, but i’m still doing research on it and i don’t quite have the tools i would need yet. So I wait. But SOOOOOOON…

are you soldering wires to connect the batteries or using a tap welder? a lot of sources online say the soldering iron damages the cells but a hobby tap welder costs 200 or more and is hit and miss on the quality. Still researching if it is possible to do this with a soldering iron. i saw a guy building one with battery holders adding copper wire onto the holder to tighten them in. that would make sense for someone like me cause i could replace the cells easily when they go bad

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you can build a spot welder out of a super cap for competition car stereos and a car battery/charger.

or you can make one from microwave oven parts like these guys did

But i saw a much easier, much more elegant solution for spot welding battery tabs and now i cant find it. I’ll post back if i see it again.

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cool. i would like to see it lhb. thanks. i did see the microwave one but i dont know if that is worth it for me. are you planning on building one?

yes. The principles are dead simple, so i really can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on a spot welder that i could fabricate myself with a trip to the thrift store. Sort of like how i rebuilt my deck press for $250 this weekend instead of spending $3500 on a “proper” one.

I have no idea when I’ll be able to get to it though. Probably not this year.

yeah i feel you. damn christmas! if it wasn’t for christmas i would have jumped on jacobys hub sale thing. please do a build thread when you do build it though.

i will definitely post the epic saga of my home-made battery pack spot welder when it happens. That kind of info is too good to keep to myself.

I sent a pm today asking if there is someone in the usa that would be willing to put a 2 day class together with 5 people and show us how to build 10-12s 3-4p batteries. At 100-125 bucks per day + a battery build kit or bring your own tools. If the weather is cool it can be in someone’s garage or living room.