DIY board - Ownboard motor and esc + backfire 346wh g3 plus battery

So I want to try and make my own DIY Eboard with some of my favourite parts on the market. Im not looking at fully DIY everything but want to use pieces that I know and like however onto my own deck and style. I have an exway x1 pro riot but want something with more range and a secondary board if one fails.

I want to ask if these two parts from difference companies are compatible?

Ownboard “diy” dual motor + esc kit:

Backfire g3 plus 346wh battery:

If I buy these two parts will they simply work together? will ownboards esc handle this battery? I see that Ownboard uses 10s batteries so maybe this esc won’t work with 12s? Id appreciate if someone could tell me if I can purchase the belt kit with esc and the backfire battery and just connect them onto a deck of my choice!

Thanks for any help!