Diy Build ebay battery

Am working on my first build and came across this battery for a 10s ion is this any good? (what it will be running below) vesc dual 4.2 140kv motors 1500w x2 150 or 120 mm whels 120-150 lb rider thanks for any and all help


sketchy, not worth wasting money on and having to upgrade.

I was looking at those as normally that is where I source my batteries I was wondering about the discharge rate is it good enough which ones should I purchase if you could supply me with a link to the proper (discharge rate mah ect) 18650 cells then I would greatly appreciate it

If they dont specify amp draw, DONT BUY. I bought a battery for bike, and it only allows 15 amp draw, which throttles.

the site you linked has a 10s5p life battery with 15 amp draw is that high enough

nO , you need at least 30. Even if they dont tell you which cells, dont buy. Skateboards have the highest demand of any type. I briefly considered stripping the pack of BMS, but that wont cure the problem.

Yes it can be cured as long as the cells output is high enough. Discharge only…