DIY BUILD Seeking Help

Hey there I’m planning to do all terrain wheeled trampa diy build :). I just need a few recommendations on certain parts i’m not quite familiar on where to get them. I don’t have any of the parts I have listed because this is more, for me to be certain I don’t get things wrong. I’m looking for alternative motor mounts that would work for Infinity ATB spring trucks and also and pulleys for trampa hypa hubs. Any recommendations on 63xx motors that are worth the look (looking at 6380 TorqueBoard)

List of parts:

Deck: Trampa HS11 deck @trampa

Enclosure: HS11 /HolyPro 35 DS @Eboosted

Trucks: Infinity ATB spring trucks

Tyres: 8 Inch 6 Spoke HYPA Hubs / 6 n half inch tyres

ESC: Focbox Unity

Motors: Torqueboard motors 6380 @torqueboards

Battery: 12s8p Samsung 30q (Built by well know battery guru in brisbane :slight_smile: )

BMS: —

Remote: Flipsky vx1

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Please feel free to add your suggestions and recommendation on anything that may need to be changed or added.



Where will you ride your planned board? Look for E-Toxx Helical Mini Direct Drive as for the Motor mounts. @Nowind

I plan to be riding mostly on bike paths/ road but with the occasional off-roading (grass, light gravel and over wooden plank walk ways)

@idea makes some nice motor mounts and can supply you as well with wheel pulleys.

scroll through the full thread to find all options.

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