DIY Compact Remote (nRF24)

I have started this as a private project a few years back and just then decided to publish it to the community to collect some feedback.

The main advantage of this design is to be compact and therefore display must be able to peek at with either hands. Cheap to make (except the 3d printed parts) and find the replacements. And you can now have one controller for all your VESC boards with this implementation of multiple profile settings allowing you to switch the controller to the receiver of different VESC devices. Other future functions will be added to the code later.


Code and Instructions:
3D Printer Parts:


  • x2 Arduino Nano v3.0 (Preferably with built-in nRF24 module and micro USB support) .
  • x2 nRF24 modules.
  • x1 SSD1306 128×32 OLED display.
  • x1 Hall Sensor SS495A .
  • x1 Battery 3.7v 500mAh+ (35mm x 20mm) .
    • x1 5v Step-Up Regulator
    • x1 3.7v Battery Charger Board
  • x2 Small Round Magnets ( 5mm x 5mm ).
  • x1 Small 1mm Compression Spring (Length 15mm ).
  • x1 3pin Slide Switch ( 9-8.5mm x 4-3.5mm ).
  • x1 Micro Limit Switch Momentary.
  • x2 Resistors (100K, 10K) .
  • 30 AWG Wrapping Wire (Multiple Colors).
  • x6 M2 x 16mm Screws.
  • JST Connector To connect to VESC.

What radio is this using?

Do you have any plans for a trigger version?

nRF24, it works at decent range 25ft+. For the trigger function, I believe it can be done. I will try to rework on it. The problem is that the control is small and slim. To have a trigger function, it must fit your palm with extra gap to move your index finger.

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